When it comes to beef, Miniat is simply the best in the industry. Our beef stands out in everything from sandwiches to center of the plate applications.



White or dark. Breasts or thighs. Whether it’s whole muscle or shredded, seared or sous-vide cooked, we can handle your needs. We even offer antibiotic-free and natural chicken options.


A lean and cost-effective menu solution, pork is often overlooked by operators. Let our chefs and product developers collaborate with you to develop a crowd-pleasing pork option.

CustomConcepts_0002s_0000_Turkey-Monterey Bacon and avocado hoagie


You want turkey that’s delicious and consistent every time. Miniat elevates turkey to a year-round protein with quality products specifically designed to meet your needs.

You may have heard recent claims that red and processed meats aren't safe to eat. What you may not have heard is that there are several health benefits associated with eating red meat. We encourage you to explore both sides of the story.